Understanding the Value of Using a Commercial Finance Broker

Your small or medium-sized business has financing needs – and the first place that comes to mind is likely your bank.

Commercial Finance Broker

It makes sense to go to your bank first. Traditionally, a bank is the place that will offer you the best financing rates. However, you may not meet their lending criteria and your application could be denied – leaving you wondering where you went wrong and where to go next.  Continue reading

Term Loan Financing – You Can Afford to Take Your Time

Our President Glen Dalzell explains how Term Loan financing can help you fund the purchase of key assets over time.

Term Loan Financing

What is Term Loan Financing?

Term Loan Financing is a financing solution that allows you to pay for an asset over time rather than in a lump sum. Too often, businesses deplete their most valuable asset (CASH) purchasing a high-cost asset that could easily be financed over time. A general rule in financing, “Use short term financing to purchase short term assets” (i.e. cash to purchase inventory) and “long term financing for long term assets” (i.e. term loans for machinery and equipment that has a long life). This preserves cash flow while providing the company with the production capability to pursue future business opportunities.  Continue reading

Funding Solutions: Purchase Order & Supply Chain Financing

We can help you understand the basics of Purchase Order Financing 

Purchase Order Financing Your business is booming, you’ve got orders – lots of orders. The problem is cash flow – there will be times when there is simply not enough cash to cover the cost of doing business. As a result, there may be an order from a client that you cannot fulfil due to lack of available funds. Turning the order down is not an option. To avoid such scenarios, Purchase Order (PO) financing may be a good solution that can pay up to 100% of the required funding.  Continue reading

Invoice Discounting and Factoring

Leverage Your Accounts Receivable for Better Cash Flow

Factoring Spergel Corporate Finance (SCF) President Glen Dalzell explains that invoice discounting (also known as factoring) can help a business fix their cash flow problems when other financing options have failed.  Continue reading

Why Equipment Leasing May Get You What You Need

Our President Glen Dalzell explains how equipment leasing can help your business acquire much needed tools of the trade
equipment leasing Depending on what your business does, new machinery and equipment (M&E) may be essential to allow your business to grow and remain competitive. Manufacturers know all too well how expensive specialized M&E can be. Many businesses don’t have enough available cash or credit to purchase the equipment they need. Equipment leasing can help your business “rent to own” that new piece of equipment that will take your productivity to the next level.  Continue reading

Asset Based Lending (ABL) Has Its Advantages

Learn Why ABL May Work For Your Business From Our President, Glen Dalzell

asset based lending In a business financing climate where access to working capital can be challenging, customized, non-traditional financing solutions are a practical alternative for business owners, Asset Based Lending may be an alternative you’ve never heard of. Financing options don’t end with the typical lenders you might expect (i.e. banks). Asset Based Lending (ABL), for example, is one financing solution that a business can use to increase its access to working capital. Continue reading

Shareholder Loan Lending to Your Company – With LIT Frank S. Kisluk

Protecting Your Shareholder Loan

Shareholder Loan Frank S. Kisluk, BA, CPA, CA, LIT Licensed Insolvency Trustee Great news, Evan you don’t need a shareholder loan! We’ve reviewed your company’s Bank application for the $100,000 operating loan and we’ve agreed to advance the funds today. The terms of the loan are: there will be no security, no interest charged and the loan will be repayable when you have the extra cash to pay us. We hope you will agree to accept the loan under these terms. Continue reading